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We are dedicated professionals to the Concrete Pumping Companies. Call on us to help you with any problems, questions you may have. Share with us your experience in best practices, sales and operational efforts.

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Who else is this interested in promoting you, your business and Short Load Concrete?


We are formed by a group of people who have been supporting the Short Load Concrete companies for years. Our knowledge spans from Short Load Concrete to marketing for Short Load Concrete companies to operationally routing and ticketing for companies


Our mission is to make each member and founder of Short Load Concrete Companies of America a bigger, stronger, faster company.


Take what we have here on this website and utilize it. However, keep in mind the old cliche. "It is not what we don't know that gets us in trouble, it is what we know that ain't so." Have some faith in what we are saying, even if you are not sure. This information comes from years of experience in the industry.

Short Load Concrete Companies of America was formed for the purpose of promoting concrete delivery by volumetric (mobile mini mix concrete) trucks.  The founders include David Murray, a long-time consultant and services provider to this industry.

David Murray, Director
16200 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite H171
Portland, OR 97224

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To find a member of the association in your area: 800-239-3814

To discuss joining the association, either call David Murray at 800-239-3814 or click the link below.

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We love Short Load Concrete Companies and their operators.


We do whatever we can to make each Short Load Concrete Company more profitable.


We share with you the best practices for marketing programs and website experiences.


Use the tools to optimize routing of your pumps and the ability to easily invoice customers on the go.


See the latest in the best and most short load concrete equipment.